XTDB in Production

Our users solve problems with XTDB in fields ranging from predictive risk systems in investment banks to fraud detection via graph analytics. From authorization for IoT data to temporal queries across financial transactions on enterprise blockchains, XTDB is everywhere.

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Pricing Management


Price calculation service for an automotive components catalog to support supply chain operations of a €300m+ revenue eCommerce distributor

Modeling future pricing changes requires bitemporal data and extensive temporal queries. Valid Time is used to model scheduled discount rule changes and to project fluctuations in supplier prices. Transaction Time is used to scale the database installation and enable consistent real-time pricing calculations.

The initial installation was simplified by the fact that an existing Kafka cluster was already in place, making XTDB a convenient addition to the technology landscape.

XTDB Sector Briefs

XTDB has broad application in a number of industries. Where a single case study does not do justice to the use of XTDB in a particular field, a sector brief explains its direct application to an entire category of businesses.

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