Enterprise Support by JUXT

A dedicated XTDB team at JUXT maintains and supports the database as JUXT's flagship open source technology and enterprise product.

We can assist with delivery and deployment of XTDB across all platforms. Support and services are end-to-end or customized to meet your needs. Startup or non-profit? Talk to us about working within your budget.

  • Training

    Private, instructor-led virtual and in-person training courses to suit your team's experience levels and technical requirements.

    • Virtual classrooms
    • Editor agnostic
    • Language agnostic
    • Project-based learning
  • Consulting

    The JUXT approach is to disentangle code, data, form, and time to eliminate complexity.

    • Installation and configuration
    • Custom XTDB modules
    • Cloud support
    • Bespoke bitemporal logic
    • Complex OLTP and OLAP queries
    • Fully immutable data with GDPR compliance
    • Clojure and Kotlin
  • Production Support

    Get a support subscription from XTDB. Eliminate risk and engage the core team directly.

    • Upgrade guidance
    • Private issue tracker
    • Private release channels
    • Rapid hotfixes
    • Core team consultations
    • Enterprise support SLAs

Community Support

Get help from the wider XTDB open source community.

We’re here to help

A member of the XTDB team will be happy to speak to you about the specific needs of your business.