Enterprise Support

JUXT can assist with delivery and deployment of XTDB for all users across all platforms. Support and services are end-to-end or customized to meet your needs.

  • Training

    Private instructor-led virtual training courses to suit your team's experience levels and technical requirements, assembled and delivered by XTDB experts.

    • Virtual classrooms
    • Editor agnostic
    • Language agnostic
    • Project-based learning
  • Consulting

    The JUXT approach to software is to disentangle code, data, form, and time and eliminate complexity. With XTDB, we reify these principles at the heart of systems we build.

    • Bespoke bitemporal logic
    • Complex OLTP and OLAP queries
    • Fully immutable data with GDPR compliance
    • Clojure and Kotlin
  • Production Support

    Get complete support from JUXT throughout the entire lifecycle of your software, from your first installation.

    • Installation and configuration
    • Custom XTDB modules
    • Cloud support
    • Multi-year enterprise support SLAs

Community Support

Get help from the wider XTDB open source community.

We’re here to help

A member of the XTDB team will be happy to speak to you about the specific needs of your business.