Tame your system’s complexity by combining JUXT philosophy and tools.

JUXT can assist with delivery and deployments of XTDB for all users across all platforms. Our standard package includes a blend of services to assist with project inception, training, prototyping, and production delivery. We can also customize any support contract to meet your needs.

JUXT has decades of experience building secure, reliable systems for Fortune 500s and mid-cap companies. Partnering with a team from JUXT builds on this experience by directly applying XTDB to the objectives of your business.

We built XTDB because it is a concrete implementation of our approach to the software discipline. We feel that most software is needlessly complicated by the entanglement of code, form, data, and time. With XTDB, we actively disentangle these concerns. The complexities of data are reduced by XTDB’s immutable records. Evolutionary schema and graph data, combined with powerful SQL and Datalog query engines, tame your data model’s form. Dual timelines eliminate the incidental complexity of time. Finally, code delivered by a JUXT team harnesses these capabilities to deliver quickly for your company.

  1. XTDB

    JUXT’s developers can make full use of the database, with direct access to the core team. Developers can even build custom XTDB modules to suit your needs. Exploit XTDB’s graph data model and revolutionary dual timelines.

  2. Clojure and Kotlin

    JUXT has built an entire Clojure open source ecosystem, solving complex problems in web standards and time.

    Clojure and Kotlin solve different needs. Clojure’s simplicity actively disentangles code, data, and time at the application layer. Kotlin provides industry reach, JVM bytecode symmetry, and powerful tooling. We have expertise in both.

  3. Post-Agile

    We were around for the agile revolution in the early twenty-first century. Two decades later, we are deeply familiar with the aspects of these philosophies which succeed in a modern setting. We have also evolved our philosophy throughout the years when deployments moved to the cloud and regulations like GDPR change how software is built. Our thinking will continue to evolve.

We're here to help

With a focus on transparency, automation, and engineering we can deliver the software your business needs. Our open source tools, years of expertise, and XTDB help us deliver quickly.