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No matter your skill level, you’ll learn what you need to be productive with xtdb.

The Fundamentals course is a great introduction to XTDB for teams of all shapes and sizes. Familiarity with other SQL or NoSQL database systems is not required. The course illustrates how XTDB is different from other technologies and demonstrates how to apply those unique capabilities to address challenging business requirements. This course thoroughly demonstrates the transactional model, explores the Datalog query language and showcases the temporal query APIs.

Intended for developers and architects of all experience levels.


Get to grips with the full range of xtdb's capabilities and understand how to apply them in your organization.

Learn how to design and manage your data architecture by using XTDB to integrate your data. Pull JSON from a public API, ingest it into XTDB and answer some compelling questions. Get hands-on with complex graph queries and efficient indexing strategies. Discover how to offer your analysts an SQL API. Finally, learn to deploy, monitor, and manage xtdb.

Intended for developers and architects. Moderate code skills in the language of choice are required.


Not all training is created equal and the best training is often unique. Our bespoke training can be tailored to your exact needs.

It is often invaluable for teams to be able to see XTDB brought to life in the context of a relevant domain and familiar data sets. For example, we can collaborate with you to ensure the standard training courses reflect challenges that are interesting & specific to your organization.

If your team is specialised in a particular language or stack we can meet them where they are and adapt materials to suit your chosen environment. Our trainers would be delighted to bring the course to new audiences, whether that be TypeScript, Python or C#.

Let's start the conversation and see what's possible.

Taught by the XTDB Experts

Private instructor-led virtual training courses to suit your team's experience levels and technical requirements, assembled and delivered by XTDB experts.
Virtual classrooms
Whether you prefer Zoom, Microsoft Teams or another video-conferencing platform, we will ensure a smooth & collaborative learning experience.
Editor agnostic
We can provide training using VScode, Emacs, or your company's standard IDE
Language agnostic
Learning XTDB without having to leave the comforts of your preferred stack. For our standard courses choose from Java, Kotlin, Clojure, or JavaScript.
Project-based learning
Combine theory and practize through cohesive tutorials that cement understanding.
Time zones
We can accommodate most time zones and support class sizes of up to 16 delegates.
$395 per attendee per day

XTDB has been an absolute dream to use.

Andy Dwelley

XTDB has been working great for me. It's a lovely lovely project.

Patrick Galvin

Engaging smaller teams in practical exercises was great! Also, framing our training in OUR tech stack was also great.

Java Developer

Developers talking to developers, basically

Kotlin Developer

I really appreciate the straightforward simplicity of schemaless persistence. With XTDB it was just so easy.

Jacob O'Bryant

Impressed at the team size dedicated to the training

Senior Architect

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