Space Adventure


This is the Official XTDB Tutorial. With this tutorial, you will: learn XTDB basics, simple 'put' transactions, Datalog, bitemporality, match/delete/evict transactions, and awaiting transactions.

Suitable for Beginners, 8 Mission Assignments, approx. 1-2h

Read it on Nextjournal, where you can hit the "Remix" button to try it live in the browser, or view the (Markdown) source on GitHub.

Learn XTDB Datalog Today


Adapted from the original Datalog tutorial on learndatalogtoday.org, this tutorial will help you learn the XTDB dialect of EDN Datalog. With this tuturial you will: learn EDN notation, basic queries, data patterns, parameterized queries, predicates, transformation functions, aggregates, and custom rules.

Suitable for Beginners, 8 Chapters, approx. 1-2h

Try it live on Nextjournal or view the (Markdown) source on GitHub.

Looking for more?

Once you are comfortable with XTDB basics, you can begin reading through the comprehensive Reference Docs to learn about topics not covered in the tutorials, including: transaction functions, speculative transactions, advanced temporal queries, streaming queries, full-text search, querying via SQL, API definitions, monitoring & operations, and configuration of persistence modules.