The open database with temporal graph query

XTDB is a general-purpose bitemporal database for SQL, Datalog & graph queries.

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Features of XTDB

More Features of XTDB

  1. Schema-on-Read

    As a document-oriented database, XTDB makes your data immediately available without the need for an upfront schema. Both structured and unstructured data are at home in XTDB.

  2. Eviction

    Legal regulations like GDPR often pose a challenge when designing systems around immutable data. The ability to efficiently evict individual documents is essential for compliance.

  3. Full-Text Search

    Powered by Lucene, XTDB’s full-text search module automatically indexes your entire data set. No custom API necessary. Full-text search queries can be embedded within regular queries.

Using XTDB

Use SQL and Datalog to time-travel and analyze relationships throughout your evolving graph of documents.

;; Remote: valid-time="2016-12-01T10:13:30Z" as HTTP param
;; or
;; Local: `#inst "2016-12-01T10:13:30Z"` as db param
{:find [?last-name]
:where [[?person :first-name "John"]
[?person :last-name ?last-name]]}
VALIDTIME ('2016-12-01T10:13:30Z')
SELECT * FROM person
WHERE person.first_name = 'John';

Four simple transaction operations enable you to work with your data as documents: Put, Delete, Match, Evict

{:xt/id "john-mccarthy"
:first-name "John"
:last-name "McCarthy"
:birth-date "04-09-1927"}]

Comprehensive auditing and data eviction help you facilitate your organisation’s compliance with data protection/retention policies.

[:xtdb.api/evict "john-mccarthy"]

Success Stories

Our customers have found that XTDB is a practical yet progressive choice in nearly every domain. Every business has bitemporal data. Every business has complex relationships.

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Cover image for Pricing Management

Pricing Management


Price calculation service for an automotive components catalog to support supply chain operations of a €300m+ revenue eCommerce distributor


Ethos: Fully Open Source

JUXT holds a fundamental belief that any product we create must be fully open source and XTDB is no exception. We say "fully" because we do not consider "open core" products to be open source. Quality software speaks for itself and does not need to hide behind restrictive licenses.

All software has a lifespan. When closed-source software breathes its last, customers are left stranded. We consider this unethical. Your business should not be forced to accept the risk of closed-source software.

XTDB is licensed under the MIT License.

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